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      We are determined to build China's high-end precision knives national brand!

      Core team

      • Zhang Grace, Dr. Li Ying

        • Dr. Cambridge University, Senior Fellow
        • An authoritative expert in the field of superhard tools in Asia
        • Technical Director of China, DE BEERS, UK
        • General Manager of Technology, UK Superhard Materials Applications
        • Visiting professors at 7 universities including Harbin Institute of Technology
        • Consultant of "Tool Technology", "Mechanical Engineering", "Superhard Materials and Engineering", "Diamond and Abrasives Engineering" Technical Magazine
        • Personal 17 patents, published more than 53;

      • Dr. Liu Hao

        • Doctor of Northeastern University, Japan
        • Director of Research Center of OSG Co., Ltd., Japan
        • Deputy Director of National Tungsten Material Technology Research Center
        • Vice Chairman of China Tool Association
        • Visiting teacher of Huaqiao University
        • 18 individual patents, including 11 invention patents, and published more than 28 papers

      • Xian Zhipeng
        Senior Engineer

        • Graduated from Jilin University
        • Technical Director of Taiwan Lianyang Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.
        • Minister of Production Research Center of Guangzhou Bada Precision Tool Co., Ltd.
        • Long-term supply of tool solutions for car manufacturers such as Honda and Toyota
        • Has a wealth of practical skills
        • 12 individual patents, including 3 invention patents

      • He Qiugen
        Senior Engineer

        • Graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology
        • Senior Engineer, Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tool Company R&D Center
        • Extensive experience in the development, design, process and application of superhard tool products
        • Independent responsibility in product classification and application and technical services
        • 6 individual patents, including 1 invention patent