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      We are determined to build China's high-end precision knives national brand!

      Li Guohe, member of the Standing Committee of the High-tech (Jianghai) District of Jiangmen City, and his deputy head of the company visited the company for research and guidance.

      2018-08-03 14:45:09 瀏覽次數:202

      On the morning of November 30, 2018, Jiangmen City High-tech (Jianghai) District Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor Li Guohe and his entourage visited the company to guide the development of high-tech industries. Mr. Cha Zhenghua, the chairman of the company, personally received and reported in detail the current development trend of various industries. , technical advantages and future development vision, while reporting on the automation and upgrading of the electronics industry, the domestic status of the tool industry, the company's strengthening of tool development, increasing investment in high-end equipment, vigorously introducing high-end R&D talents, technical cooperation with European tool companies, and Develop the results of the aerospace tool and military tool market.


      Subsequently, Mr. Li went to the tool industry to investigate the production management, technology research and development, quality assurance and scientific and technological innovations. He gave high praise to the company's team management, research and development, and innovation work, and instructed the company to continue to improve its autonomy. Innovative ability, improve core competitiveness, focus on the establishment, protection and application of independent intellectual property rights, and hope that the company will further accelerate the pace of development.


      Finally, Li Changmeng and his entourage visited the production site of the electronics industry. Mr. Cha Zhenghua, the chairman of the board, reported in detail the automation upgrade and transformation of the electronics industry this year, greatly improving production efficiency and better quality assurance. The follow-up will continue to increase automation investment and improve the company's core. Competitive and sustainable development.


      I hope that the company can develop better under the support of the government. I hope that all members of the company will focus on investing and work hard to continuously improve the comprehensive strength of the company. We have been on the road to realize the corporate vision.