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      We are determined to build China's high-end precision knives national brand!

      Grateful, fly by dream

      2018-08-03 14:45:09 瀏覽次數:201

      On August 3, 2018, the Wuyi Charity Association's college entrance examination activities were held in our company. The attendees were successfully held by our company: Ms. He Dichuan, deputy director of Jiangmen Education Bureau; Jiangmen Zhongdao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Cha Zhenghua, General Manager of the Co., Ltd., Vice President of Wuyi Charity Association; Mr. Chu Limin, General Manager of Jiangmen Shengjing Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Vice Chairman of Wuyi Charity Association; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jiangmen Guoxin Trading Co., Ltd. Vice President of the Charity Association Mr. Zheng Guang and 12 representatives of the assisted students (Pengjiang District, Jianghai District), the news media.


      First of all, Mr. Cha Zhenghua, the general manager of the company, led everyone to visit the production workshop and gave a detailed explanation to enable students to understand the production process of high-end precision tools such as carbide, PCD and MCD. High-end precision tools in 3C, locomotive transportation, aerospace, etc. Application of the field. Closely observe how modern mechanics operate automated and intelligent production equipment, and have a deeper understanding of modern enterprise production and social life. At the same time as they enter the university, they have a preliminary understanding of contemporary social technological progress and talent competition. It will help “pre-university students” to better plan the upcoming university life and long-term growth goals.


      After the visit, the symposium was held in the conference room of the company. The general introduction of the college entrance examination is the traditional brand-assisted activity held by the Wuyi Charity Association every year. I hope that the students will work diligently, self-discipline and self-discipline, and grow into useful talents. Society is happy to help those in need. Next, representatives of the four assisted students spoke. The delegates said that they should be grateful, live up to expectations, study hard, and return the charity's help with practical actions, and expressed their ability to actively participate in helping others in the future.


      In the communication and communication sessions, the students enthusiastically asked questions and asked questions about university study, majors, employment, etc. Chairman of Jiangmen Guoxin Trading Co., Ltd., Vice President of Wuyi Charity Association, Mr. Zheng Guang, Jiangmen Shengjing Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mr. Chu Limin, the general manager, the vice president of the Wuyi Charity Association, and Ms. He Dichuan, the deputy director of the Jiangmen Municipal Education Bureau, answered the questions of the students. Finally, the general questions were given to the students in the semester, career, and life paths. The recommendations and clear guidelines, the university is mainly learning, the important thing is to cultivate their own learning ability, need continuous learning, learning everywhere, the university must learn to be self-disciplined, communicate with teachers and students, communicate with each other, improve communication skills, moderate Participate in social practice activities; work hard, have a strong sense of responsibility, have a correct outlook on life, values, worldview, have ideals and pursuits.


      Finally, Ms. He Dichuan, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Jiangmen City, made a concluding speech on the visit. First, Director He spoke highly of the significance and value of the event. The three vice presidents shared it with great dedication and fully affirmed the suggestions and guidelines given. It is really inspiring and helpful to the students. Students should have a grateful heart on the road of life. They should be full of expectation and expectation for the upcoming university study and life. We must cherish four years of university time, study hard, and plan carefully.