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      2018 Corporate Travel Event - Xiachuan Island Wonderful Tour

      2018-07-24 15:04:33 瀏覽次數:200

      In order to thank the employees of the company for their hard work, let everyone relax and improve their relationships, and enhance team cohesion, the company organized employees to go to Xiachuan Island for outdoor tourism on July 21.

      Group photo


      Wonderful review

      The tour mainly visits Xiachuan Island Beach, Coconut Grove Road, Beach Fishing City, Chaoren Trail and other special scenic spots.


      While feeling the sun and the beach, everyone temporarily put aside the intense work and relax and relax in the blue sea and blue sky. Everyone is passionately competing on the beach, helping each other, swaying with enthusiasm and sweat, and full of laughter and laughter along the way. .



      On the return journey, it happened to meet the peak period. In addition to the heavy rain, the team members were dispersed. However, everyone was able to obey the company's unified arrangements and report their respective positions according to the requirements. In the end, everyone can gather neatly and safely and return smoothly. This reflects the unity of the team. Mutual aid spirit.


      Through this tourism activity, it not only enriched the employees' spare time, enhanced the communication and cooperation between various departments, but also made the Zhizun and the Zhongdao family more harmonious, thus better enhancing the cohesiveness of the enterprise and fully demonstrating the team. Spirit, let everyone devote more enthusiasm to future work and life.


      Thanksgiving company provides a very good platform, thanks to the team's staff, thank you!